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Electrical Test Certificates

Electrical installations tend to weaken over time due to the general wear and tear. Therefore, it can result in issues such as electrical fire or electrical shock. Hence, having an electrical inspection and test carried out on your property by professionals is important. In this context, although the electrical sockets, the light, and other electrical gadgets may appear to be working correctly, there might be a broken terminal or loose wire somewhere. Similarly, the electrics might not have been repaired or installed correctly.

Electrical Safety Certificate

If you have just relocated into a new house, and you are not sure about the condition of the electrical installations, it is ideal to contact us. We will connect you with an expert electrician that lives nearby us to check the electric system. If you engage with us, the local electrician will arrive fast to inspect the accessories cautiously. After that, he will test and inspect the wiring and note the result on the test certificate. Also, he will note down any problem observed. The time the professional will take to complete the electrical inspection and test in your premises will depend on its size and the number of circuits available. Therefore, if you do not have an updated electrical certificate, you should link with us to conduct the required inspection in your home in order to have an original electrical test certificate.