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Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?

A common problem is a property’s circuit breaker. When these devices are tripped, they shut off power to certain parts of the building to prevent overloading the electronics. While this helps prevent damage, if the main circuit breaker keeps tripping, it’s inconvenient for tenants (especially in apartment buildings where the circuit breaker is inaccessible to residents).

Too many active devices

One of the most common reasons a circuit breaker in a room keeps tripping is because the circuit is overloaded. When too many devices are connected to a circuit, they may draw more current than the circuit can safely handle. The circuit breaker’s sensing system can detect this when circuits heat up to unsafe levels, causing the circuit breaker to trip.

If a circuit breaker trips repeatedly in a room, it may be a sign that too many appliances are operating in that room. Tenants may notice this immediately. However, as a property manager, this may be more difficult to detect.


There are several ways to fix the circuit breaker problem. The first is to advise the tenant that he is overloading the circuit and ask him to move the appliances to other circuits or outlets. This is the least expensive solution, but also one that depends almost entirely on the tenant following your advice or instructions.

Defective wiring

Another reason for a circuit breaker to trip is faulty wiring, either in the structure or in an appliance plugged into an outlet. For example, when a “hot” wire and a “neutral” wire connect, it can cause an instantaneous unrestricted current flow – a “hard short” occurs. This causes an immediate overload of the circuit, tripping the breaker.

If the cause of the short is not corrected, tenants or electricians may find that the main breaker trips again every time they try to reset it. A short circuit due to faulty wiring is a bigger problem than a simple appliance overload. If not corrected, it is more likely to result in a fire.


This is where a call to an experienced electrical repair expert is a must. An electrician can help identify and repair the faulty wiring to prevent future shorts that cause circuit breaker problems.

Ground faults

This particular problem with the circuit breaker is closely related to faulty wiring. However, instead of connecting the hot wire to the neutral, the hot wire may connect to the ground circuit or other materials such as wood, metal or water. This will also cause a short circuit in the electrical system.


Again, the best solution may be to call in an experienced electrical repair expert – both to clearly identify the problem and to make the actual repairs.

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