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How to install a socket in Liverpool

There are several reasons why you might consider upgrading or replacing outlets in your home. The most common reason is the need to replace old two-prong outlets with more efficient three-prong models.

Ungrounded and grounded 3-wire circuits

The old two-pole receptacles supplied 120 volts to your circuit through the black hot lead, with the return path through a neutral to complete the circuit to the main panel. Despite the lack of a protective direct connection to ground, this was the common electrical system from the early days of distribution systems until the early 1960s.

The problem with an ungrounded circuit is that if there is a short between the hot lead of a piece of equipment and the enclosure due to a breakdown or other malfunction, the enclosure, which is not connected to anything, is energized to a full potential of 120 volts.

This short in the system creates an unintended shift in a circuit that is still seeking the shortest path to ground that your body would provide if it came in contact with the metal enclosure.

Completely rewiring a home can prove to be a very costly and frustrating endeavor. So if you own or plan to purchase an older home, take a look at the electrical panel. You can see if all circuits have properly grounded wiring.

Although an ungrounded installation may be uncovered by going around the house and checking all the outlets with an outlet tester, be aware that the outlet tester is not infallible, especially when it comes to fake outlets, and that even if it shows a positive result, it can easily be fooled by bootlegging practices. There are other ways to outsmart the missing ground.

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